215/60R17 GOODYEAR Vector 4Seasons 96V

Product type: Tyres


Brand: Goodyear

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R 2,310.00

Excellent year-round performance - Enjoy performance all year round with a tire that copes with different types of weather. Goodyear’s Weather Reactive Technology helps the Vector 4Seasons adapt to seasonal changes. The unique SmartTRED design features specific tread zones that adjust to road conditions.
Good traction all year round - Keep your grip with an all-weather compound that performs in summer and winter temperatures. Featuring high-density 3D waffle blades, the Vector 4Seasons offers better ice and snow traction than its competitors.* The tire is certified with the snowflake symbol, which means it meets the official Nos of dedicated winter tires.
Environmentally friendly - Go further on less fuel with a tire that rolls more easily. The Vector 4Seasons also gives you more mileage, thanks to its all-weather compound and a flatter contour that spreads pressure evenly.
Good handling on wet and dry - Stay in control in rain or snow. The Vector 4Seasons offers better aquaplaning resistance on wet roads and 11% shorter braking distances on ice.* Dry handling is reliable, with stiff tread blocks that give you extra stability when steering and cornering.