205/70R15 MICHELIN Agilis+ 106/104R


Product type: Tyres

Brand: Michelin

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R 2,794.00

Saves you on fuel and money - Save up to 150 litres of fuel 1

Optimum braking for added safety - Safe driving, with up to 2 metres shorter braking distance in the wet 2

Robustness of the MICHELIN Agilis tyre range and MICHELIN’s expertise in longevity

- Eight sidewall protectors help to protect the sidewall from damages, increasing the robustness of the tyre.

- Truck tyre design techniques have been adapted to MICHELIN Agilis+ tyres to obtain a squarer tyre footprint. Tread block contact with the ground is better controlled, resulting in a uniform pressure distribution on the contact area with the road for reduced fuel consumption and improved handling. Combined with the abrasion resitant rubber compound, the MICHELIN Agilis+ lasts even longer. (Durable Contact Patch)