195R15 GOODYEAR Duramax G22 106/104S C

Product type: Tyres


Brand: Goodyear

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R 1,896.00

It’s tough - The tyre is made for all road conditions.
It’s long-lasting - Duramax gets its name from its durability - its ability to wear well makes it an economical choice for every minibus taxi.
It handles heavy loads - It is able to bear heavy loads without sacrificing comfort - an important consideration for taxi vans.
Silica enhanced tread compound - The Duramax has an enhanced silica tread compound giving you better traction in the wet, a long tread life and improved rolling resistance.
Solid shoulder ribs - The tyre boasts responsive handling under heavy and light load conditions, giving you more traction in cornering and taking turns.
Innovative 4 rib tread pattern - The 4 rib tread pattern allows for strong functional appearance delivering responsive handling and secure traction in wet and dry conditions while giving you a quiet and comfortable ride.